Menopause – Early Warning Signs

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Early Warning Signs of Menopause

The Early Warning Signs of Menopause
Your \'time of the month\' is typically regular, but when your period doesn’t show up on time, or gets shorter and lighter, or you start to clot heavily, it may signal menopause approaching. Remember, being in full menopause occurs after a full 12-month period without menstruation
Just about any woman approaching menopause knows a hot flash when she feels one. That sudden overwhelming blast of heat that extends from your forehead to your toes and leaves you soaking with sweat occurs due to hormones mixing up your body’s temperature regulation (the hypothalamus)
Weight gain can be a very frustrating attribute of menopause, especially since the added weight tends to accumulate in the midsection, which can leave you at risk of heart disease. Try to combat weight gain by consuming a healthy diet and enjoying some regular exercise
Insomnia is typical to women in peri-menopause as estrogen levels deplete and the brain excretes fight-or-flight response chemicals that keep you on high alert through the night. Many women find that regular exercise accompanied by melatonin supplements help them get their blissful sleep back.
As estrogen decreases so does the body’s lubrication and moisture in the skin, hair, and more intimate areas like in the vagina, which can make sex suddenly painful or uncomfortable. Talk to your gynecologist about over the counter lubricants to help increase moisture and sexual enjoyment
Pregnancy and Menopause, both of which have pms like symptoms, leave the hormones unbalanced - often resulting in anger outbursts, irritability, or crying for no reason. If you add to that sleep deprivation, and the fear and confusion over the changes taking place in your body, it’s no wonder you’re a bit cranky
Sore, tender breasts are often a sign of menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause too due to hormonal changes, water retention, and swollen breast tissues. In the meantime, you may want to buy a comfortable bra with added support and cut out excess caffeine, which can aggravate swelling and water retention
As certain hormones deplete, certain foods (i.e., caffeine) can aggravate neurological changes in our brains. Migraines are often a painful symptom of peri-menopause, and excess coffee, noise, and bright lights never help those who suffer from chronic headaches
As women transition into menopause they often feel one of 2 extremes. While some feel sexually liberated now that they are no longer able to get pregnant; others suffer sudden self-consciousness and feel undesirable. Many times testosterone hormone therapy can help restore some of that lost libido
Do you suffer an embarrassing leak when you sneeze or jump up and down? Bladder changes are typical during perimenopause as estrogen decreases and leaves the pelvic and bladder muscles weaker than normal. You can try Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the bladder and pelvic floor

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