Founder and CEO

Nicoletta Pallotta, MD, LCSW

Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta is a long-time Brooklyn resident who has been an active member of the borough’s health care community for over two decades. A graduate of Brooklyn College, Dr. Pallotta also received her medical degree from Chieti University in Italy, and a Master of Arts in Social Work from Hunter College.

Dr. Pallotta is committed to offering women and their families the chance to understand and impact their own health and well-being, and has founded many other community-based health programs including the Neighborhood Counseling Center.

Dr. Pallotta has devoted over twenty-five years to creating women and family health centers, crisis intervention programs for abused women, counseling centers and multiple outreach programs. She has received countless community service awards including the New York Post Liberty Medal for Community Service in 2002. As Director of Brooklyn Women’s Services, an affiliate of Maimonides Medical Center, Dr. Pallotta often delivers seminars on a wide variety of programs dedicated to assisting women and their families to achieve wellness and improve the quality of their lives.

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