About Brooklyn Women’s Services

Our Mission

As a woman today, you are more aware of your health needs than ever before. From nutrition and exercise to the prevention and early detection of disease, you are assuming a greater role in your wellness. BWS is a resource that you can turn to for every aspect of your health care, focusing on both your physical and emotional health needs.

Since 1995, as one of the New York area’s first comprehensive women’s health programs, BWS has taken care of all woman.

We offer you a full range of services, all on-site. In addition to traditional medical services, if you would like information on alternative therapies, we can help you understand the different options available to you.

Knowing that women have a great many demands on their time, BWS offers obstetrics and gynecology, and primary care. This not only alleviates the need to go to many different medical offices for care, but also creates a continuity of care among providers to insure that we meet all of your health care needs.

Brooklyn Women’s Services believes that the key to prevention is education, we want to provide you with the information that you need to make informed decisions about your healthcare. To this end, we offer free health education, newsletters and patient literature.